Monday, November 5, 2012

Teaching and Learning, Part 1 of 2

We speak of the joys of small business much the way we speak of the joys of parenting: we acknowledge nocturnal vomit and bad SAT scores and the occasional visit from a nice local police officer, but by and large, we are almost serious about such joys.  For honestly...what else do we really have?

One of the joys of Kaladi Coffee is that we are almost always in the process of helping other people get into the coffee business.  We assist independent operators start five to ten small businesses per year.  With regard to formal instruction, we limit ourselves to coffee knowledge and barista training; we provide our clients' point-people with the skills they need to prepare perfect drinks and to speak authoritatively about the coffee they sell.

But as time has gone on, we have identified other significant and specific aspects of small business management that get neglected...often to the detriment of the operation, its employees, and its owners.

Next up: Spreading the Love

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