Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A time to be fat, a time to be lean...

So it was brought to my attention that I haven't posted in a bit.  In short order I was beset by pangs of guilt and regret...and then I remembered that pointless guilt and regret are native to my own Jewish species. 

If I had to pick my one favorite part of owning a business, it would be that, when we all get lucky,  the line between work and the rest of life disappears.  The fact that I go to the shop early every morning is due more to the fact that the COFFEE is there than out of any abstract notion of obligation or duty.  My daily tasks of fixing the motorcycle, consulting with the gardener, and visiting my kid's 4th grade class on Career Day all blend seamlessly with Kaladi Coffee jobs like answering phones, plunging toilets, fixing coffee machinery for customers, and doing the books. 

Sometimes the balance of time tilts toward work at the shop.

And sometimes it doesn't.

And for the past few weeks, it hasn't.  At least not with regard to "showing up" (in the corporeal sense of the term) online.  But comfortingly enough, the pendulum swings back...